Harvest Festival

These festivals are celebrated during the last week of August and early September. It lasts 5 days but actually Requena dresses up for many more days, as before the Feast of the Harvest Fair is held in honor of our patron saint: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgen de los Dolores).

The last week of August, the streets of Requena become the scene of parades, parades and many events, all forged structure HARVEST FESTIVAL, declared of national tourist interest since 1966.

Among its most representative countless acts include:

  • The Proclamation of the Queen and her Honor Court.
  • The popular Night of  the “Zurra” (Wine with fruits).
  • The treading of the grapes.
  • The Night of the Peasant.
  • Night tribute to the Past parties.
  • The day of the absent Requena people.
  • The night of the wine.
  • The offering to the Virgin of Sorrows.
  • The Grand Parade down the street Avenida del Arrabal.
  • The burning of the monuments to wine.

But during the five holidays, you can see on our streets Commissions Harvest Festival, which wearing their traditional costumes and accompanied by their respective bands, will travel throughout the city and especially the streets and mesons decorated, filling with light and color all the town of Requena.

We can not forget the “Racimos”, our individuals teams, who organize a full program of complementary activities of the official program aimed at younger audiences, night after night, their area of tents in which you can dance with the orchestras, rock bands, mobile disco, and DJ sessions.

As Valencian people, although with Castilian roots, we can not forget the powder, so we can see “Mascletás” and fireworks that will flood our sky and colorful sound.

All this and much more is the Harvest Festival of Requena, of course it is not the same tell it or to experience it. It is also a good opportunity to meet Requena, its historic and artistic center, its modern area or take a tour of their cellars, and also, of course, drink our wines accompanied by our sausages or other typical dishes such as morteruelo, ajo arriero, and the “Bollo de Magras”.

Come to Requena this week and you’ll not regret.

Wine Trade Fair Ferevin

Alongside the Harvest Festival is celebrated Requenense Wine Fair (Ferevin), one of the most important monographic exhibitions about wine in the Comunidad Valenciana.

Ferevin born in 1990 with the aim to promote and encourage the marketing of wines of the region. Since then Ferevin has established itself as a firm reference for the wine industry, becoming the best showcase for wines and wineries Utiel Requena.

The fair is the most obvious proof of the progress that cooperatives in the area have experienced in recent decades, modernizing their production systems to achieve high quality bottled wines. Thus, the primary intention of a sample as it is to convey to the audience the image quality of our wines. The fair is an ideal starting point for all professionals in the wine industry meeting. It cites both winemakers and distributors and professionals in the hospitality and catering are given.

But above all Ferevin is a commitment to consumers and, ultimately, to all wine lovers.

Requena Sausage Fair

Tradition and modernity come together in this exhibition, declared of Autonomic Tourist Interest and considered one of the main fairs winter of Valencia. Thus, alongside traditional Longanizas, Morcillas, Sobrasadas, Salchichones, Chorizos, Güeñas and Perros, you can taste more innovative as spicy sausage with orange juice and olive oil or sausage with blue cheese, candied orange peel, walnuts, almonds or pine nuts .

You can also taste other products Requena as the typical bun requenense traditional local dishes prepared by the Association of Housewives.

During the days of the fair commented wine tastings, cooking sessions of recipes featuring the sausage as the main ingredient are made.

Fiestas de San Sebastian

San Sebastian is the patron of Barrio de las Peñas and during the weekend closest to January 20, day of San Sebastian, San Sebastian Stewardship organizes numerous activities in his honor. The main events are:


  • Mass in honor of deceased neighborhood, with distribution of blessed bread for all attendees.
  • Bonfire tradition with a magnificent fireworks display.
  • Before lighting the fire, attendees will be regaled with bun, baked potatoes, wine and coffee it flatters.


  • Wake up in the streets of Barrio Penas, with the participation of the commission of Barrio Peñas Harvest Festival
  • Collection of blessed bread, through different streets of the city.
  • Mass in honor of our patron saint with distribution of blessed bread.
  • Procession of the Holy.
  • Traditional “Pará”, an auction of all kinds of objects.

Fiestas de San Antón

The last weekend that falls entirely in the month of January the Feast of St. Anthony, patron of Barrio Villa are held. Year after year the members of the San Antonio Stewardship organize a festival whose biggest events are:


  • In the Plaza de Albornoz, fire to the traditional bonfire and fireworks.
  • Running Race “La Joya” recovered from the ancient Regional Tradition.
  • At the end of the race and after the awards ceremony, roast potatoes and wine free for the general public.


  • Wake up and Chocolate for attendees: in the Plaza de Albornoz (Plaza de la Villa).
  • Collection of blessed bread in the streets of Requena.
  • Mass in honor of the saint in the church of El Salvador. Blessed Pan-sharing at the end of the Mass.
  • Pará (Auction) de San Antón.

Romeria del Remedio de Utiel

As tradition, the last Sunday of October, the image of the Patroness of Utiel, the Blessed Virgin del Remedio returns to its chapel in the hamlet of Remedy Utiel. He remained there until 6 September when the municipality down again in procession on the occasion of the festivities. This is one of the oldest Pilgrimages Valencia.

Mass farewell at 8 am at the Church of the Convent of Santa Ana is celebrated. Then he says goodbye to the image and depart on pilgrimage to the Shrine accompanied by many utielanos and visitors who every year flock to accompany the picture.

Maderada de Cofrentes

These festivities are held in early May and are dedicated to St. Joseph the Worker. One of the most important religious events is the song ‘Los Mayos de Cofrentes’ starring the Choir Rondalla and held in the church bearing the saint’s name. After the Mass, the mothers held an offering to the Virgin asking for their children and blessed bread is distributed.

The event highlight of this festival is the representation of wood down the river Cabriel, the so-called ‘Maderada‘. This office gave fame to the people of Cofrentes for centuries, so I got them the nickname “madereros” .

A custom, which has already become a tradition of this festival is the giant paella prepared to reunite people of Cofrentes and visitors. Moreover, as in all celebrations of the municipality, these days also different activities such as sports, culinary and cultural competitions are organized, for the latter to keep alive the popular folklore of the municipality.