Great cuisine

A great asset of the region’s gastronomy. And it is that necessarily taste buds of visitors are being overwhelmed by the flavors that are capable of generating sausages, wines and champagnes (cava).

In the local gastronomic repertoire include:

  • Sausages, recognized with the seal of quality I.G.P. “Embutido de Requena“: Longaniza, Chorizo, Güeña, Sobrasada, Salchichón, Perro and Morcilla.
  • The wines, especially those made from the local variety “BOBAL” and champagnes, with great appreciation for quality.
  • Entrees with pork products: el arroz en cazuela, el arroz y bajocas, las patatas en caldo, el gazpacho manchego.
  • The Morteruelo, the Ajoarriero and the “Bollos de magras“, like tapas, cold starters or for a nice lunch.
  • As desserts find the Turroncillo, the Pan Bendito (Blessed Bread), the “Tortas de chichorritas“ and the Alajú.

Requena sausages

Requena sausages are identified by the left of the Regulatory Council that guarantees its authenticity. The Regulatory Board is responsible for ensuring the defense of the figure of quality as well as the work of promoting it.

Following the guidelines of the Rules of the IGP, the development of different sausages, is done in a rigorous way, selected meat of pigs, using only females or castrated, the proven quality of the spices used and the use of natural casings to develop the different sausages, define the product and distinguish it from other sausages in the market.

The excellent artisan sausage of Requena reflects the tradition and history of a people. It is made by hand, extreme care in every detail to maintain constant quality.


The visitor should not leave without trying one of the local delicacies: cheeses. Several artisanal cheese factories produce excellent quality products carefully selecting the genetics of livestock, mostly goats and the various processes of cheese ripening. The result is a cheese that have been repeatedly awarded in international conferences with a taste in which you can perfectly identify the quality of the raw material.

We highlight among the best :  Quesos Hoya de la Iglesia and Quesos La Sabina

Olive oil

Green gold also has its local representatives. In this case the oil mills in the area have specialized in organic olive oils, taking care of the sustainability of farms, organic farming and the mixture of varieties, to get products with high added value.

Among the best we highlight :  Oli-Oli and Oleícola del Cabriel

Gastronomic Events

Based on our gastronomy several events are held throughout the year:

Requena, land of “Cavas”

Requena, municipality belonging to the D.O. Utiel-Requena is one of the few Spanish towns outside Catalonia where CAVA (Champagne) is produced under the quality seal of the O.D. CAVA . Over the years the cavas produced in Requena quality have been recognized with multiple awards at the most prestigious and high scores in major international competitions guides.