Villargordo del Cabriel, Requena nearby town, we find the bunkers Romeroso, a military constructions for the Spanish Civil War and were abandoned by a change in the front of it.

Villargordo del Cabriel is passing Contreras, one of the most strategic points of communication between Madrid and Valencia. For this reason, this area has been the scene of several battles: War of Independence, Carlist Wars …; It was also expected that the battlefront of the Spanish Civil War pass through here but, fortunately for the inhabitants of the region, he moved north.

The highest step of Contreras point is at the Cerro del Romeroso and therefore was chosen for the construction of a series of military sets, four in total: Romeroso North (1), Romeroso Centre (2) and Romeroso Sur (1 ); composed of warehouses, bunkers and passageways.

All of them are unfinished and in different stages of construction; of the 4 sets of bunkers Romeroso, they are those of the most advanced Central and North, being the center of the group simply dug into the rock.

The complete set of bunkers Romeroso is visitable in a comfortable walking tour signposted as a short-distance path, and is a good experience to know a little better the history of the region.

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